Let's talk about stinky fish

Let's talk about stinky fish

Stinky fish is an exercise originally created by Hyper Island that we like to leverage over Black Glass (both for clients and ourselves) that involves naming your 'stinky fish' - the thing that if you don't say it out loud right now, after a few weeks or months, it's going to start to stink.

It's the thing that you carry around but don’t like to talk about; but the longer you hide it, the stinkier it gets.

These elephant(s)-in-the-room can start to seep into the way you work, the relationships you have with your teams and ultimately, the output.

While usually unspoken in large organizations, it can sometimes show up in those side conversations, Slack DMs, in meeting texting (we see you) - the spicy thing that really grinds your gears and will more times than not, rock the boat, so you avoid it. 

It's expected to have concerns about things that might get in our way. We want to give those space, but also put them aside to focus on what's possible.

So how can you avoid the stink?

Get in the room / in the chat today - right now- and ask everyone what is your stinky fish? Get it out in the open and you’ll be better for it in the long run.